Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

I am NegativeVORP, and this my little corner of the Internet sports blogging universe. I’m sure that’s not a completely flooded market full of troglodytes with a computer and a WordPress account. Oh, wait.

For those who may remember, I was blogging as gearhead on FanIQ for about 3 years. There, I was kind of like the nerdy guy who wrote the long posts nobody read about stuff nobody cared about. Good times. Now I’m going independent. Go me.

Finishing up the background: I’m 24 and live and work in the DC metro area. Sports I will likely touch on include the big three of course, but because I’m a nerd with no life, I can pretty much talk about anything and sound like I know what I’m talking about, especially my personal white whale, IndyCar racing.

I must note that despite the name, I am in no way affiliated with Baseball Prospectus except as a fan of their work. This will not be a baseball stat blog either. I’m not skilled enough with the math to understand it. This will be for my thoughts on whatever crosses my mind, from football to baseball to IndyCar to tennis to whatever. For micro-thoughts, please follow me on Twitter, which is especially fun when one of my teams are in a big game and choking it away.

With that, let’s have some fun and see how this experiment goes.


One Response to Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

  1. GuyLake says:

    Consider me, another FanIQ alum, on board.

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