Quick Thoughts

There’s always many storylines going on in the world of sports, but with most of them, I have no desire to write a long-form blogpost. For those, we have Quick Thoughts, my one or two sentence take on various things. Hopefully this doesn’t sound Larry King-ish.

  • Simmons was right in his last column for once. For cursed franchises, weird things have to happen until they can be uncursed. For the Suns, Goran Dragic certainly qualifies. Of course, they’re still the Suns, and the Spurs are the cockroaches of the NBA, so I doubt too much celebrating is happening yet.
  • Speaking of tortured team vs. former champs, if that one series was anyone but Sharks vs. Red Wings, it would be assumed the team up 3-1 would close it out.
  • The mantra that LeBron’s elbow just needs rest was at least somewhat verified with last night’s shellacking of Boston. It helps when the NBA’s molasses slow playoff schedule allows for three days off in the middle of a playoff series.
  • The NHL Eastern Conference Championship is probably going to be Pittsburgh vs. Boston. Talk about a douche off.
  • Just because they say the Players Championship is the “fifth major” doesn’t mean I have to give a crap about it.
  • The Nationals are 15-14. This makes the Orioles struggles infinitely sadder.
  • Free Zack Greinke, now 0-4 with a 2.51 ERA, 2nd in the league in innings, and 9th in strikeouts.
  • In case you haven’t noticed, Rafael Nadal is winning on clay again and looks like he’ll dominate the French Open again.
  • The Baltimore Grand Prix looks like it’s a go for next year. While I really don’t want any more street races, I can’t say no to a race I can go to with little travel involved.
  • That said, listening and reading Curt Cavin, it’s good to hear that some more ovals, like Loudon, Milwaukee, and Vegas, could be coming back to the schedule.
  • One week from cars on the track at Indy.

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