Quick Thoughts 5/15

Time for another edition of Quick Thoughts:

  • Not only did the Bruins blow a 3-0 series lead they blew a 3-0 lead in Game 7. That could very well be the worst collapse ever. The fact that it happened to Boston just makes it sweeter. Boston’s lucky it happened in hockey, or else it would be everywhere today.
  • Can anyone explain what makes hockey’s playoffs so different from anything else? The #7 and #8 seeds will be playing for the Eastern Conference title. That couldn’t possibly happen anywhere else. As exciting as upsets are, people usually want the big dogs going for the title late, so this can’t help hockey’s ratings.
  • LeBron’s going to either Chicago or New York. Chicago if he wants to win titles (LeBron, Rose, and Noah together? Yikes.); New York if he wants to be the “global icon” he strives for. The Knicks’ supporting cast would take him back where he started in Cleveland. Nothing would change basketball-wise except the uniform.
  • I couldn’t believe the Orioles would send down Nolan Reimold and call up Corey Patterson earlier this week. Naturally, Patterson has started hot with the bat, and has been huge defensively, including gunning down the game tying run a few nights ago to win the game. Baseball is a funny game.
  • That said, I doubt Patterson will keep hitting over .300 much longer.
  • The Nationals keep winning, and next week the O’s are in town. I have a feeling I will be ridiculed on Friday and Saturday.
  • Not feeling the Preakness that much. If I were to bet, I’d exacta box Super Saver, Lookin at Lucky, Paddy O’Prado, Schoolyard Dreams, and Dublin. I wouldn’t feel that good about it though.
  • Today is finally Opening Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I’d watch some of the action, but indycar.com’s stream is notoriously spotty, and it’s a beautiful day. I’m actually going to go outside for once.

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