Suddenly, DC Sports Are Looking Up

After the Capitals blew their first round series, it appeared that professional sports in our nations’ capital had finally hit rock bottom. The Caps had just broken their fans’ hearts yet again, the Wizards were coming off a season where the owner dying wasn’t the worst thing that happened, the Nationals were coming off two consecutive 100 loss seasons, the latter a season of fail that turned them into a laughingstock. Finally, the team that this town truly cares about, the Redskins, went 4-12 the previous season, lost in a maze of inept offense and Snyder meddling. It was bad enough that DC Sports Bog legitimately pondered if this year was the worst year in DC sports history, while Forbes declared Washington the 7th most miserable sports city in the country.

But now? Voila, insert John Wall! Winning the draft lottery and the right to select Wall has allowed everyone to take a step back and realize that wait a minute, things don’t suck that bad. Adding Wall will return energy to the moribund Wizards,* which will be a complete contrast to this year’s mausoleum like feeling during games.

* An as aside, how lucky is Ted Leonsis? He buys the Caps, and soon after wins the right to draft Alex Ovechkin. Now, he becomes (or is about to become) the majority owner of the Wizards, and they immediately win the right to draft John Wall. The horseshoe up his ass has a horseshoe up its ass. Leonsis although earned more goodwill by getting rid of the beyond embarrassing Washington Mystics attendance banners in the Verizon Center.

The Nats, meanwhile, are now 21-20 with a win tonight. While their run at .500 is unlikely to last, they’ve gotten themselves out of laughingstock territory, and that’s with Stephen Strasburg still in the minors. The Nats also have the #1 pick in June, which will likely be phenom Bryce Harper. The Caps’ choke still burns, but one must remember that they are a good team that’s still young and growing, even if the regular season means diddly-squat to their fans now.

The Redskins suddenly find themselves in arguably the worst shape of the four, but they of course have made their usual offseason splashes, led of course by Donovan McNabb. Having Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan running the show will at least make Skins fans feel like the team is run by people who know what they’re doing. Still, the Redskins have a long way to go, and the presence of Snyder must still make fans nervous.

Overall, things are finally looking up for this beleaguered city (both in sports and other things). The beauty of rock bottom is that once its hit, the ascension can begin.


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