Quick Thoughts 5/28

Because I have thoughts, but not deep enough ones to write a blog about:

  • It makes me laugh a little bit every time Celtics fans complain about Dwight Howard being dirty. He’s just doing the same stuff the guys in green are doing.
  • Its also a little bit funny to me how nobody cares about Favre-watch this time around. We all know he’s coming back.
  • Are the NHL playoffs still going on?
  • Thankfully, I am completely free on Sunday.  Its the best day of the year for a racing fan.  Indy 500 to start off, then the Coca Cola 600 to finish off your day.
  • Queensbridge
  • Somehow, crazy Ron Artest has stayed off the basketball court all year. This impresses and scares me. Just don’t go crazy now, Ron Ron.
  • The Celtics have to win tonight.  You don’t want to go back to Orlando with a crowd that is in an absolute frenzy. But…
  • How awesome would it be for two Boston teams to blow 3-0 series leads in one year?  Could this be the karmic payback for the early 2000’s?

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