Boston Moves On To The Next One

We now know one of the teams that will play in the NBA Finals.  The Boston Celtics finished off the Orlando Magic 96-84 to win the series 4 games to 2.  They now will await the winner of the Lakers – Suns Western Conference Finals.

This was never really a game as the Celtics had a 13 point half time lead.  Ray Allen then started the second half with two 3 pointers to extend the lead to 19 and essentially burying any chances the Magic may have had to extend their season.  Nate Robinson provided a surprising boost with 13 points off the bench when Rajon Rondo was hurt after a nasty fall.  Paul Pierce though lead the Celtics attack with 31 points and 13 rebounds.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Celtics game without one of their players showing just how mentally unstable this team is. Always the classy one, Kevin Garnett attempted to punch Dwight Howard’s arm. Why you ask? Because Dwight Howard played defense.  It didn’t win his team the series, but Dwight Howard was in the Celtics player’s heads and it hurt Boston.  Despite this, Boston was just that much better than Orlando and it didn’t matter.  Also fortunate for the Celtics is that their next opponent is soft and won’t dare give their bull#*$% back to them like Dwight Howard did.

So, congrats Boston fans. Celebrate (responsibly) your series win and Finals appearance. Heck, you guys might even be the favorites.


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