Izzo’s Indecisiveness Is Irritating

I can understand why Tom Izzo may have some difficulty deciding whether or not he wants to leave Michigan State for Cleveland.  At Michigan State, he is a legend.  He’ll never be fired and he seems to be the popular pick right now as the best coach in the nation.  Regardless of their regular season performance, nobody gets more out of their team come March.  In Cleveland, he’ll see his salary doubled and could coach the best player on the planet. Of course, said player may bolt during free agency as well.

Having said all that, Tom Izzo needs to make up his damn mind already.  This has been going on for a couple weeks now and its unfair to Michigan State, his players there, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The longer he waits the worse of a position he puts Michigan State in.  At this point in time, they would certainly have to just name an interim coach, but they can’t move on until Izzo makes his decision.  Until then, the school and team just sits in limbo hoping their coach returns.  Cleveland, on the hand, is seeing the list of potential head coaching candidates become smaller as they wait on Izzo’s answer.  If Izzo does choose to stay with the Spartans, the Cavaliers will be looking at a weaker pool of candidates to choose from.

The most annoying part is that Izzo clearly wants the job.  There’s no other reason for him to be still considering the job if he didn’t want it.  Izzo is said to be tired of recruiting in the college game.  His salary would also be doubled in Cleveland.  He’d also have an opportunity to add to his already sterling legacy.  And if he fails? He’d just be another failed college coach in the NBA.  He could right back to the college game and win some more.  Izzo has little to lose by going to Cleveland and obviously wants the job.

Unfortunately, I expect Izzo to keep playing the waiting game for some time.  Here’s to hoping that regardless of what decision he makes he is happy with it, because he has certainly spent enough time mulling it.  It’d be a shame to see him blow the decision with how much time he’s spent on it.


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