Albert Haynesworth: World’s Biggest Jackass

June 16, 2010

NFL holdouts are always an interesting dynamic between players and management. While the tactics can get petty and acrimonous, overall it can certainly be understood why players like Darrell Revis and Chris Johnson want new deals. They’re playing under low dollar rookie contracts which are not guaranteed, they can be cut at any moment, and their career’s can end with an injury at any time. With such a short window to get paid and the piles of coin teams make, it’s more than understandable why players would want to grab as much cash while they can.

Then there is Albert Haynesworth. While this is not a ploy for more money, he has been a no-show at all of Washington’s voluntary workouts this spring. Yesterday, he announced his intention to skip the upcoming mandatory mini-camp, and asked for a trade. Haynesworth’s beef? He doesn’t want to play in the 3-4 defense that new coach Mike Shanahan is implementing.

Two problems here. One is that Haynesworth was just paid a $21 million bonus in April. Seriously. $21 million. The Redskins have now shelled out $32 million total for Haynesworth. They certainly have not gotten $32 million of production. Last season, Haynesworth registered 37 tackles and just 4 sacks, while missing four games and spending a lot of time sucking wind on the sidelines when he did play. Despite that, according to DC Sports Bog, Haynesworth has been paid over $55,000 per snap. That’s higher than the yearly median income in the entire country. It’s hard, if not impossible, to feel for a guy who wants out after not holding up his end of the bargain.

The second problem is the nature of the beef itself. I’m not a football tactics expert, but it seems to me a guy like Haynesworth has the size to be the perfect 3-4 nose tackle. With him clogging up so much space and attention, Redskins’ linebackers should be able to find their way to the backfield. Of course, 3-4 nose tackle don’t usually accure a lot of individual stats. It’s a classic case of putting one’s own interest ahead of the team.

When Haynesworth was a free agent last year, he indicated he didn’t want to play in a 3-4. Did he get any contractual that the Redskins wouldn’t switch to the 3-4? No. Instead he got a promise from Dan Snyder. So, not only is Haynesworth’s a jackass, he’s an idiot for trusting Dan Snyder to do anything but raise ticket prices and satisfy his own ego.

The summer will now be all about whether Washington trades Haynesworth and if so, who will take him. Pity really, as they both deserve each other for their greed, stupidity, and wasteful habits.

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